March 16, 17, 18 y 19
 Gunpowder, fire and color
More than a tradition
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La Cremá

Dinner and further assistance to the Cremá in the town square to witness live the Nit del Foc 2013.

Las Fallas

     Las Fallas

Polvora, Light and Color

We will see one of the mascletás celebrated in the city in Fallas week in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Lunch included; Paella Valenciana

We have first-line coach

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The City of Valencia is full of light and color of 15 to 19 March every year. We invite you to experience this great feast, visiting its monuments and visiting their actions.



Valencia Ninots y Monuments

Guided tour of the major Fallas of the special section. Explanation of the origin and tradition.                 

Illuminated streets and fireworks

Visit the beautiful and amazing beautiful illuminated monuments located in some city streets