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Paella Cooking ( Groups starting for 6 persons )

Learn to cook authentic Valencian paella with the ancient technique of firewood and share with your friends or colleagues a holiday.

In a privileged setting on the banks of the marsh and the Albufera of Valencia, conducted a workshop great paella at a restaurant of international prestige.

Famous people from many parts of the world have visited the restaurant and even international reputation restorers have not wanted to lose.

We organized this event where your guests can learn and cook the famous and authentic Paella Valenciana made entirely with wood.

With the actual ingredients or more, no less and the many types of rice that are produced in this land.

Arrive at restaurant

Aprons and snack delivery typical Valencian

Instructions for the preparation and introduction of the history of paella

Development of the Paella (we will explain step by step when adding each ingredient)

At the table, everyone at the table and eat the paella with a good local wine.

Tradition of the Paella

Learn to cook paella Valencia by real restaurateurs, and learn the secrets of this dish from our land


    The Elaboration of the Paella
    More than a meal " a tradition “

Paella Culture



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