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The great festival the tomato , August 28 - 2013

The Spanish town of Buñol, has a long history dating back over 50,000 years. However, today is known for a party that is celebrated for only 60: La Tomatina. One of the most celebrated day of the calendar Valencia, which holds the fighting world's largest plant with 30 thousand people and 200 tons of tomatoes.

Today we can enjoy the Tomatina thanks to brave that once fought for the party, and have enabled people around the world to experience the feeling of being in the midst of the largest tomato fight in the world, La Tomatina.

We suggest various options for assisting this festival.
is possible to make the services your clients need

Forfait de 3 days 2 nigths - Hotel 4 **** ( B.B

Aeroport / Hotel / Aeroport
Hotel 4 **** (center city) Bed and Breakfast
Transfer Hotel - Buñol ( Tomato Feast ) - Hotel 

The Tomato Feast
The Tradition  from 4 people

We ensure that your clients enjoy the great success year after year of this spectacular and great celebration of La Tomatina

Tomatoe Feast
Buñol 2017
     Tomato Festival
     Buñol 2013

Agosto 2013

Take you to Tomatina in Buñol

Gastronomics menus:
Paella make rabit and chicken
Rices various of the land / Alli Pebre ( Typical Spanish Menú )


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