Historic Valencia/ 1/2 day 3 hrs. aprox.

Departure from the hotel and transfer by bus to city center.

We will first visit with our local guide through the most emblematic and historic city.

Visit the North Station, Central Market, Lonja de os mercaderes, The Cathedral, Miguelete, Las Torres de Serranos, Torres de Quart, North Station, Palacio del Marques de dos Aguas, etc.

Discover the mix of the most historic and monumental Valencia with most modern and innovative.
A combination of styles that makes Valencia really incredible.

Historic Downtown

With a local guide tour of the important monuments and the most important and emblematic places of the city, Central Market, The Silk Market, Cathedral, etc ......


Three types of excursions at your option

Exc.1 3 hours

Exc.2 visit of city + taste rices

Exc.3 Visit of city +t aste orxata

Gastronomics menus:

Paella make rabit and chicken
Rices various of the land / All y Pebre

Historic Valencia

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Historic Valencia