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Discovering Valencia Bike  4 hrs. aprox.

For each group we design a route from the hotel, conference center, port.

Tours can be done for the day or night, including lunch or dinner. The tours are appropriate: 

Complete Valencia: 
Turia Gardens, historic downtown and the City of Arts and Sciences (4 hours) 

Historical Valencia: Turia Gardens and the historic center
(2 ½ hours) 

City of Arts and Sciences and Turia Gardens
(2 ½ hours) 
Around Valencia
Ruta4: Huerta of Valencia with a workshop visit artisan Horchata
On this route, we will visit the different landscapes and cultural heritage of the region of L'Horta Nord de Valencia; farmhouses, sheds, irrigation, crops etc. well as its history and ethnography.

Valencia Bike

Guided tour of Valencia by Bike, touring the city to discover every corner of this fascinating city.

Four types of excursions of your choice


Exc 2 ½ hour visit + tasting rice

Visit Exc.4 4 hours + Lunch Typical Paella

Valencia Bike

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