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Modern and Vanguardist Valencia  3 hrs. aprox.

Departure from the hotel and bus drive to the center of the city to begin with a panorama of the most modern Valencia.

We will first have a panoramic tour with our local guide, visiting the great avenues of the most recent part of the city, City of Arts and Sciences, where we can find the Hemisféric, Oceanographic Museum, Prince Philip, the Umbracle, etc..
Then pass by the layout of the circuit where the dispute formula1 Grand Prix of Europe.

Continuing to the port area where there have been many improvements to make the 32 Americas Cup, and visit the new port.

Around the Peineta bridges, Calatrava Bridge and Bridge of Flowers.

Modern and Vanguardist

Visit with a guide of the most modern and vanguardist Valencia. Today, the city with more projection of Europe.

Innovating Valencia

Gastronomics menus:

Paella make rabit and chicken
Rices various of the land / All y Pebre


Three types of excursions at your option

Exc.1 3 hours

Exc.2 visit of city + taste rices

Exc.3 Visit of city +t aste orxata

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